Quick. Safe. Cost-Effective.

A school's duty of care doesn't begin and end at the school gates. Transportation of students, particularly its security and reliability, are key factors in ensuring students are safe and accounted for on their way to and from school.

BusMinder ensures all students are accurately accounted for within minutes, enabling schools to provide a higher level of security for students travelling by bus. Not only ideal for daily commuting, responsibility for students during school excursions can be made safer and more secure with BusMinder on board.

School routes

Bus arrival

View the bus location in real time as it travels along the route.


BusMinder ensures every student gets on the right bus every time.

School arrival

Parents receive a notification when the student disembarks from the bus.

Parents put their trust and confidence in school transport but there is currently a lack of high level accountability and visibility after a student has boarded a bus.

BusMinder allows both the school and the parents to know where their students are at all times and to receive customised alerts whenever a student enters or disembarks from a bus.

BusMinder provides:

  • Real-time school bus tracking
  • Student boarding notifications to both parents and school
  • Authorised student embark/disembark locations
  • Full history available for student bus travel
  • Multiple options to identify each student
  • Payment options available in app
  • Route guidance

BusMinder can provide reports on an individual student's bus usage, giving schools the ability to itemise and charge each student per journey, and identify any non-paying users. This model gives flexibility to schools and value to parents for transport costs, and allows schools to be transparent as to the fees they charge.

BusMinder has removed the need for school bus rolls. We now have a record of every student catching a bus, including the location and time that they boarded. It replaced our existing bus pass system and has saved us time, both administration and teacher time!

– Kim, PA to the Business Manager, Overnewton Anglican Community College