About us

Bus Minder is an Australian innovation company that has identified the need for schools to be able to more efficiently administer travel to and from school, or on school excursions. BusMinder personnel have a wealth of knowledge of both public and private bus companies serving the school community, as well as school buses, combined with an ability to innovate in today’s technologically advanced world.

With BusMinder, we are able to provide accountability, security and safety for your student bus travel needs. It benefits your administration in terms of staff time, and gives reports that provide proof of travel, making your charges transparent and defined to your parents.

We have recently trialled BusMinder with a number of schools and bus companies in Australia and are currently widening its introduction as other schools learn about BusMinder!

This new mobile technology brings school buses into the big league.

Speak to us today to find out more, or register with BusMinder today.